Test Script Runner Regression Tester

This page contains a few short sample scripts that demonstrate the syntax of Test Script Runner. They also show how to use the build in testers.

Script LinkDescription
Use of UI Automation Tester plug-inthis script shows the use of the UI Automation tester plug-in which allows you to wait for windows to appear, press buttons and fill in edit boxes etc.
Use of the Selenium TesterThis script shows how to use the selenium RC web page tester plug-in. The script opens the Test Script Runner web site with Internet Explorer and Firefox, cycles through the pages taking screen shots of each page. This script required the Selenium RC server to be running which can be downloaded at http://seleniumhq.org/download/. Please Note: The Selenium Tester Plug-in is included in V3.0b.
Use of the Proxy TesterThis script shows how to use the proxy tester to control a remote PC using an encrypted TCP connection. Load both files into Test Script Runner. One is the script the other the proxy. Set the proxy variable to change the location of the proxy remote PC then load the proxy.tsp file on that PC..
If Statementsthis script shows the syntax and use of if statements.
While Statementsthis script shows the syntax and use of while loops.
Include Statementthis script shows how you can include a sub-script to reduce duplication between scripts.
Result Statementsthis script shows the use of the result statement. It shows how to give a result string for a given action in the script and how to make an included script be seen as important.
Action Statementsthis script shows how to can a testers action command. This uses the windows tester and will pass or fail depending on whether you launch the windows calculator. If you run the windows calculator will close it.
Use of the Serial Testerthis script shows how to send and receive data on a serial line, in this case TCP. You can easily change the script to use RS-232 should you have a null modem cable handy (see comments in script). This also shows the use of arrays.
Use of a Complex Wait in Serial Testerthis script shows the use of a complex wait for action on a serial tester.
Conditional Actionsthis script shows how to perform a different sequence of actions if a test fails.
Use of the RTSP Video Streaming Testerthis script demonstrates the use of the video streaming test capabilities of the RTSP Tester Plug-in. See RTSPTesterPluginUserGuide.doc for details regarding setting up a streaming server.
Use of default commandthis script shows the use of the default statement for script defaults that can be overridden by system variables or previous script assignments. This command was added in V2.2.
Use of the scriptdir commandthis script shows the use of scriptdir (or scriptdirectory) command which provides the full path to the script directory. Use this command to locate files required by the script in order to avoid the use of full paths which prevent scripts being moved without editing. This command was added in V2.1.
Use of arraysthis script shows the use of arrays and the arraylength command. You require V2.3 to run this script.
Use of Functionsthis script shows the syntax and use of functions.
Use of IgnoreResultthis script shows how you can contain a section of script that could or will fail for whatever reason but this failure should not be taken into account when evaluating the overall script pass/fail result.
Use of Multi-Dimensional Arraysthis script shows the definition and use of multi-dimensional arrays.
Use of mathematical expressionsthis script shows the use of mathematical expressions.
Use of Colon actionthis script shows the use of the colon action to reduce the size of the results file.