Test Script Runner Regression Tester

As we all know manual regression testing of software and/or hardware is error prone, very costly and time consuming.

This software provides a simple mechanism for the automation of your regression testing via a text based scripting language.

The Test Script Runner application runs on Microsoft windows and is fully VISTA compatible.

Test Script Runner Screen Shot

The screen shot above shows the execution of a short test script. As you can see there are three window sections for each script: -

The top left pane contains the script which shows passes/fails and the currently executing command.

The top right pane shows the values assigned to the various variables defined by the script.

The bottom pane shows the trace information generated as the script is executed. This trace information is saved in a log file along with the results each time the script executes.

The results of script regression test run can be viewed in the GUI or via result files (see Results Analysis for examples). The results are stored in an XML file which includes a style sheet (XSL) to view in your internet browser and a data description (XSD) file defining the data structure.

The software also provides a mechanism that allows you to have the results emailed to a list of email addresses so that you do not even need to be at the testing station to find out if your test passed or failed.

Expanding the system to communicate with new equipment or software interfaces is easy see Plug-in Development for details on how this is achieved.

Test Script Runner includes a batch queue that allows multiple scripts to be run. This also includes a feature that allows you to create a plug-in to the batch queue that could download software to your test device such as a mobile phone and then run scripts against the new version. To find out how to create a plug-in for the batch queue visit Batch Queue Item Plug-in Development.

Click here to view the Test Script Runner help

You can try Test Script Runner for yourself free by downloading the application from the download page. The application includes a 2 day trial period which can be extended to 28 days via the Help->Activate Product->Trial License button within the software.